Great Quality! Excellent Price!

February 6, 2009 By: Miss Maggie

This review is from: Vanange Bella the Multi-Ethnic Doll from Roosevelt Island New York City. She comes with her story book and self-esteem poster. (Toy) I own two of these dolls, this one and the filipina doll Luz. These dolls are extremely high quality, easily on par with American Girl dolls and A Life of Faith Dolls. The dolls are not all plastic like ALoF dolls, and their entire torso is not stuffed, like AG dolls. It's a hybrid thing where they have a vinyl breast plate so the dolls look good in sleeveless dresses and tops, but the lower torso including the rear end is stuffed, providing a softy part for hugging. Arms, legs, head and upper torso are all vinyl. Lower torso is stuffed.

The hair is very high quality, easy to style and perfect for hair play. The faces are attractive and look more like real people than most of the competition. Eyes are very pretty and open and close.

The dolls are a little taller than AG and ALoF dolls standing right over 19". This doesn't affect clothes swapping though, they are all pretty much interchangable. Vanange dolls have feet that are slightly smaller than AG and ALoF dolls, but the size difference is miniscule so shoes are still interchangeable for the most part. I found that the arm and leg length of Vanange dolls are slightly longer than AG, closer to that of ALoF. Once again the difference is negligible.

The doll arrives nicely packaged with a book at the bottom of the box, under the dolls feet and a cute little self esteem poster. The books do provide information about different cultures, and hey have a slightly "homemade" quality about them that makes them kid-friendly. The books are definitely educational and jam packed with international information. The stories are encouraging to girls too, inspiring high self esteem and self-confidence and setting good examples for girls.

The dress is made from a shiny taffeta with a cotton cluny lace trim at the hem and a matching ribbon at the waist. The bodice is overlayed with white lace. The dresses, panties and shoes are top quality and fit the dolls perfectly. They're pretty too, which isn't always true in doll clothes these days.

My favorite part about these dolls is that they make up a rainbow of ethnicities. There is a colorful variety of skin, eye and hair colors, much more interesting than the selection provided by better known brands. I personally like Vanange dolls better than Karito Kids because they are closer in size to AG & ALoF dolls. Plus I find their faces and bodies more attractive and less cartoon-like.

I've seen these dolls elsewhere for over $100 so this price is excellent.

I am very pleased

By: Helayne

Says Helayne: "Erin loves Bella and proudly showed her off to her kindergarten class. Erin has mentioned that Bella is a little bit darker than she is, but recognizes that they share a similar look. I think the doll is wonderful, and I am very pleased with the way she represents her ethnicity (Caucasian and African-American). Erin also enjoyed the book about Bella." Says Erin: "She looks like me!"

I love your company

By: Yvonne Berry-Wunderlich

Thanks so much for the quick response. Now that makes perfect sense. Seriously, I was in when I found your doll Bella. See my little girl is biracial, I'm black and dad is white, and her name is Bella. The only reason I am waiting at this point is to see the fab outfits you are coming out with soon.

I love your company's philosophy and the beauty of each doll. I think there is a huge market for multiracial/ biracial dolls. No other company is doing what you guys are doing right now and I feel good about making this purchase for my daughter. I really feel like more people should know about your dolls so with your permission, I would love to post about your amazing dolls. I have several blogs that I will put your dolls on with their inspirational info. My blogs are here and here. Just wanted to get permission from you before I posted. Thanks again and I can't wait to see the new outfits.

A grateful customer and very loyal friend

Dear Mrs. Cali: As you might remember, about a month ago I purchased a Vanange Kristelle from your company for my now-6-year-old niece, whose birthday was two weeks ago yesterday. When she opened the box and saw Kristelle, she FLIPPED--LITERALLY!!! Kristelle has a new name--Julianna--and never leaves my niece's side (except for school,of course, and even then my niece puts Julianna right next to my picture, so she'll be safe and loved while my niece is away...AWWW!!!). My niece has tea parties with "Julie", 'helps' her new mommy with chores, get read to, and sleeps with my niece every night--my niece kisses Julie, hugs her with all her little might, and tells her all her little-girl secrets--AWWW AGAIN!!!

More good news: I found out that Kristelle, her cousins and girlfriends can all wear American Girl-sized clothing, shoes and underwear, so while Kristelle/Julianna was in the UPS truck, my niece's new favorite relative--me--found my niece's new friend almost an entire wardrobe (dresses, sleepwear,shoes socks, panties and even a week's worth of school uniforms) on Ebay and a couple of other on-line stores...I won't say how much it set me back, but the smiles, hugs and kisses I get from my special girl has more than paid me for them!!! Thank you for helping me make someone I love with all my heart very, VERY happy. God bless all of you!!!

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